You know what really grinds my gears:

  • Jersey Shore:  Stop watching stupid people do stupid things, they’re not funny and they’re not talented.  Don’t support stupidity!
  • People who think “that’s what she said” jokes are not funny.  Find a sense of humor and laugh once in a while, I hear a sense of humor helps people be social most of the time. Try it.
  • Reality TV: Why watch “reality” TV when you have a REAL life…
  • Facebook: Change every other week? Piss off the whole facebook community?  Claim you care about what facebook users want? I call crap Mark Zuckerberg. Shame!
  • Mean People…. they suck! Stop being mean.
  • Drivers who talk on their phones while driving 10mph under the speed limit because they can’t pay attention to the road.  Speaking takes way too much brain power!
  • Indecisiveness, it’s the killer of all plans.
  • Fun-suckers, Debby-downers, and Negative-Nancys… just because you don’t like fun doesn’t mean other people don’t!  Put a smile on and stop being such a butt-hole.
  • Oh yeah….What happened to old school name calling?  Butt-hole, butt-face, butt-head, I am rubber you are glue… the list can go on and on, bring ’em back people!


  • Sensitive people!  It’s called sarcasm people, become fluent with it. It’s fun! It makes normal people smile and laugh!  Not everything is actually meant and in my honest opinion, sarcasm will help you get through life!