What is it about blogs, about writing, about writers that draw people to reading and following all these pages?  I, until recently, was under the impression that blogs were for actual authors and editors, sportscasters and celebrities, athletes and the incredible; however, this I found to be false.  Why not put what’s on your mind out there for people to read?  I always tend to stay away from the controversial topics of politics and the economy because I don’t find that stuff interesting and would rather spend my time on writing things that I find meaningful and I can spill my heart and soul into.  So basically I’m just going to write what I mean, and how I feel, from the heart and unedited (when it comes to content).  I write straight through until I am done writing what’s in my head, and until i feel I made a point.  Sometimes they get a little too long, but I’m not going to sacrifice my thoughts and feelings for the length of a blog.  Let me know how you feel about everything, positive and negative comments welcome, but please, no need to be a jerk about stuff!  Enjoy!