After a history of obesity, illness, and injury, enough was enough.  Things had to change and my life needed to be better! I went into last summer (2011) with the mindset that it was literally do or die, I couldn’t go on living the way I was living any more and that’s where everything changed. This is my Before and After Pic! May 8, 2011: 262 lbs. (30% Body Fat) and August 19, 2011: 214 lbs. (17% Body Fat), Amazing what just over 3 months and a ton of hard work can do for your mind, body, confidence, and quality of life!

To keep myself sane and to help internally motivating myself to keep pushing, I started writing, this is where my original few blog posts came from.  I’m still working hard to get to where I want to be, but it’s definitely not something to be done overnight.  This is where my motivation comes from to write and I know for some time to come, I will continue to write and hopefully motivate and inspire others while on the mission to inspiring myself to reach every goal and desire I want.