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Lately, I’ve been in a weird funk. Nothing bad. Nothing horrible. Just different. I for some reason have been caught up on my failures, my mistakes, my mess-ups, and my inabilities.  So I found myself asking, “Why?” Why have I allowed myself to continuously think of these things that bring me down?  It’s like I chained myself to a boulder and pushed it off a cliff into the ocean.  Now comes the realization. 

ImageI’m not perfect.  No one is perfect.  No one has come close to perfect.  No one will ever be perfect.  So through my failures and imperfections, I have found myself realizing I have something in common with every person that has stepped foot on this planet.  Each and every one of us has this in common, it’s a fact and an inevitability that you can not escape.

This post may have started off like a shot at everyone and it may have come off as a pessimist’s look at the world.


One of the greatest minds in American History, Thomas Edison, said one of my favorite quotes of all time.

It is every mistake, every failure, and every imperfection that creates the pathway to success.  Without mistakes you would never learn.  When you succeed you are not learning new things, you are just using the knowledge you already have. 

Every time you fail, you learn. Image

Every mistake is a learning opportunity.

Every small imperfection in all the activities you take part in creates who you are. 

It is those “10,000 ways that don’t work” that builds your knowledge and appreciation for reaching your final goal. Yeah it may suck when those 10,000 ways are your first 10,000 tries, but it’s those attempts that make the final step, the one you take to pass the finish line, that much sweeter. 

What’s holding you back?  What’s making you hesitate?  Don’t ever let the fear of failing, the fear of imperfection, and the fear of making mistakes dictate the path you want to travel down.  It’s one step at a time.  One foot in front of the other.  Inch by inch.  Step by step.  Attempt after attempt.  It’s time to be tenacious and to never back down. 

Fight for what you want no matter what the terrain in front of you looks like. 




I realized something today… everyone is struggling with something other people aren’t struggling with. It is this reason that opening up to people and talking to close friends will allow you to become a better, happier, and more confident person. I, for one, struggle with my self-esteem, I hide that by acting out and being sarcastic a lot, sometimes too much!

Many people I know, including myself, allow themselves to become trapped by insecurities and struggles that they are aware of. It is up to each and every one of us to realize our weaknesses and reverse them into something much more powerful…. Optimism and hope! What’s the point as human beings to be destroyed by negativity and doubt when all we have to do is open ourselves a tiny bit and talk to close friends?

I understand sometimes talking to others about small problems is sometimes the weakness being faced, but allowing yourself to open up to people only allows you to be stronger in the future. Practice makes perfect with this idea! Sometimes the first person you open up to is not the ideal person and you feel like shutting down, but
DON’T! It is in that very instant that each and every one of us should realize we are beyond that feeling of hopelessness and abandonment and begin reaching out to others.

Practice doesn’t only make perfect, it ends up making friends, family, happiness, trust, and so much more. Over the next few weeks I challenge each and every person that reads this post to reach out and talk to someone about something, ANYTHING! Talk to them about an awful test, a fading relationship, a mistake, or any other event in your life! With time talking can become your best therapy, your best lifeline! Use that “phone a friend” lifeline we’ve been given for free our whole lives and talk to someone. Maybe the first time won’t go so well, but it’s that one time it does that will change your life!

It’s the one time. The one time someone gives you good advice. The one time someone helps you through a predicament. The one time a friend says just the right thing to change any doubt you may have had about yourself.

It’s time we all open up for that ONE TIME! If we don’t, we may never experience all that life and relationships have to offer! The great thing about having over 6 billion people on this planet is that someone somewhere had gone through an experience you need help with and can offer up some sort of advice to help. Finding that person may take perseverance and tenacity, but once you find the right phrase, the right person, and the right advice, you’ll know every tear, doubt, and hurt along the way will be able to be healed because of the helping words of one single person.

Open up. Set your feelings free. Allow yourself to speak about problems. Forget about what some may think about you. It is one kind word or piece of advice that will destroy every negative thing you’ve been said. That one experience will trump all. That one experience will cast a shadow over all negative experiences. That one moment will leave you wanting more, and that is what this is all about. Striving for positivity and optimism in a world that can be considered no more than an ocean of diarrhea and negativity. Find the island or reality. The friend who is optimistic through all. Use that resource. Allow yourself to be consumed in positivity. Anything and Everything can be accomplished when optimism is injected into the core of any plan. Use this positivity from friends as a drug that will allow you to grow and become a better person.

Reach out and touch someone today.
Reach out and be touched today.
Reach out and open up to someone.
Reach out of your comfort zone.
Find that positive outlook.
No struggle can be overcome without optimism and positivity.
No struggle can be reduced without a kind word.
No struggle is going to disappear without a fight.

As Toy Story pointed out, “You’ve got a friend in me”, use this ideal and help someone that needs it! Life isn’t a sprint, it’s a marathon. Motivation from friends is what we all need, you’d be surprised how many of your friends are ready to lend a helping hand and a friendly ear. Use your resources and struggling will become less of a headache and more of a growing opportunity.

Like all living things on this planet, we have experiences that can and should be used as a learning opportunity. How do we, as flawed, greatly imperfect humans, learn how to turn negative moments into experiences that will teach you something that can last a lifetime?

Learning is more than just an experiential thing, it’s a nature versus nurture battle. Each experience is a stone in the pathway of past and future experiences. Your life leads you to each experience and each experience along the way is a fork in the road, the path you choose is nothing more than a personal decision based upon a moral compass that may or may not be instilled in you.

All experiences can lead to some kind of learning. How positive or negative the the lesson you learn is your choice, there is really no wrong or right lesson to learn from experiences because each person is an individual that has been formed through the addition of new experiences every day. Positive experiences and learning opportunities tend to lead to positive outlooks and outcomes while negative experiences may lead to a dark path of repeating bad choices.

It is absolutely astonishing to me how one bad choice or one bad act can lead a generally happy person down a road of despair, depression, and the repetition of bad ideas. I know far too many people that have allowed one bad choice to dictate their lives and futures. We all make mistakes but it’s using those mistakes for a positive learning experience that makes the difference. Turn a negative occurrence, a bad grade, a break up, a mistake, or bad choice into a moment of learning that can change the direction of the road you’re on to positivity and optimism.

Experiential learning is an art that takes practice and dedication. It takes the motivation from within, from others, or from other moments you’ve had. It takes a positive attitude to make positive experiences. Cut the crap out of your life, the dead weight, the people, thoughts, ideas, and useless drama that has accumulated and allow yourself to be free. Once you’re free, you allow yourself to have an open mind that can be filled with positive learning experiences. Freedom from negative influences leads to the injection of positivity and optimism needed to travel along a path of greatness and positive experiences.

Don’t allow negative influences and experiences to pave a dark and dreary road for yourself. Every dark pathway has a light on it somewhere that just needs to be lit. Fight for that light. Get to the light and do whatever it takes to get there. Claw and scratch your way towards the light and out of the darkness. Once you light one light, JUST ONE, it illuminates the path enough to find the next. Before you know it, each light on the pathway can and will be lit.

Experiential learning is an occurrence each and every one of us faces on a daily basis. The art is not just within learning, it’s learning positive things from all experiences even when faced with diversity. Illuminate the path before you, it’s much more enjoyable of a walk that way.

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